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miniTRECE Demo site

A very simple, lightweight, minimalist, free (MIT License) CMS or Website builder tool based on documents on the server (no database) and, this is important, multilingual-ready and multilingual-friendly from the very first moment (no plugins needed). Contents can be written with markdown or hmtl syntax.

Ok, some light:

Files .htaccess, index.php and trece/conf.php (conf.php inside a folder named trece) are the important ones. The remaining files are just content or for customization. Let me suggest you to start a fresh installation of miniTRECE using only these three files and then begin building, adding the other files from the .zip, one by one.

Important: in order to use Markdown as markup language, array item markdown must be set to "true" in trece/conf.php line 60, and the Parsedown library (Parsedown.php, ParsedownExtra.php and ParsedownExtraPlugin.php) installed in the trece/lib/parsedown/ folder. All those files are included in the .zip which can be downloaded GitHub.

Folder trece/inc/ is where all the content is stored. For instance: place at trece/inc/ a file named test.php with a simple «Hello» as content and then add test to the url at your browser (something like yourdomain.com/en/test if your site is multilingual or yourdomain.com/test if your site is monolingual). You're done! Demo here: https://mini.trece.io/en/test.

Files trece/inc/html-sample.php (link), trece/inc/markdown-sample.php (link) and trece/inc/demo.php (link) will show you how to build content in both markup languages. In these two files pay special attention to the first 7 lines. What you write there is the content for the meta fields in the header, needed to successfuly share your page in places like Facebook and Twitter. Idea: test these pages in Facebook debugger and Twitter card validator.

Files trece/inc/minimal_header.php, trece/inc/minimal_footer.php and css/minimal_style.php show you the minimal theme, a starting point for developing your own miniTRECE theme.